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Valley of the Muse

A monthly prompt community

A place to practice your creative writing
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Welcome to valleyofthemuse!

valleyofthemuse was originally created to provide weekly prompts for aspiring writer's looking for practice and inspiration. Although prompts are no longer provided, members are welcome to post original short stories.

While the community was still active, this is what was stated in the profile info:

This community has been created as a safe place to practice creative writing. Please read through the following if you wish to join.

What it's all about
Each Monday I will be giving a prompt that will serve as the basis of your story, poem, character study, etc. The prompt doesn't need to appear in the submission, it is only meant to be a starting point.

You will have until the following Monday to post submissions, either in the community or linked to your personal journal. If you wish to f-lock your submission, please post directly to the community.

What to do/what not to do
Off-topic posts will be deleted. Accpetable posts are submissions for the prompts and searching for a beta (a person who edits or proofreads). Prompts will be announced each week by the moderator. If you have suggestions, please feel free to comment here.

The last week of the month will be a dedicated amnesty week. All previous prompts are fair game. A list of prompts can be found in the communitiy's memories.

Any type of writing is acceptable, as well as any genre, but please refrain from submitting fanfiction. There are many wonderful comms out there that are dedicated to the various fandoms.

The recommended word count is 100-500, but more or less is certainly welcome.

Artists, photographers and musicians are also welcome, provided they stick to the theme.

Please feed the authors. Encouragement (even if it's just one word) is always great, regardless of whether you're a watcher or member of the community. Flames will not be tolerated and will be deleted by the mod. Constructive criticism on the other hand is generally always appreciated.

Last words
Please stick to the current challenge. Late submissions are acceptable during amnesty week.

Longer submissions (over 300 words) and anything with adult content need to be behind an lj-cut.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated!

Enjoy yourself and happy writing!

Format for the community inspired by jamie2109 and nocturnali's ADWT
Idea for this community inspired by ravensee
Idea for Amnesty Week suggested by forlorn99